Hot Glue and Paint!
Two and Three Dimensional Works by Nanci Aeilts

Welcome to the Artist's On-Line Portfolio!

Nanci has been painting and creating a wide variety of interesting artworks for home and stage for over three decades.

After earning a degree in Secondary Education, she realized that she really didn't want to spend the majority of her life in a classroom. After all, the only classes she ever really enjoyed as a student were the ones that allowed her to use her vivid (albeit somewhat distracted) imagination. Read more About the Artist.

Then page through the portfolio pages above to sample Nanci's work. Nanci is available for commissioned paintings, theatre crafts, and millinery work...and she is definitely up to the challenge of working in any medium she has not yet explored. To communicate with the artist, visit Contact Us.



     Chanhassen Xanadu...

     Once again Designer Rich Hamson created a magical costume plot that contained fun challenges for a costume craftsperson.  The Centaur structure began with heat-bending plastic rods for general shape, covered by foam and fabrics.  The hind legs were made to move along with the actor's legs.  The Medusa headdress had snakes of jointed wood, which moved as the actor's head moved.  The Cyclops costume was wearing an altered, re-purposed guard uniform that was created originally for Jesus Christ Superstar at The Chanhassen.  Recycling and reusing items, such as the Cyclops costume, makes these challenges even more interesting.


     Our disco-ball girls wore plastic globe-like forms that were covered in sequined squares.  Their headdresses were jeweled hoods with motorized, revolving mini-flashlights on top.  Huge sequined earrings, sequin covered shoes and silver leggings completed the look.


     To see more costume crafts, click here.



Custom Motorcycle Helmet Skins

Show your style and make yourself hi viz to the car and truck drivers around you.  Purchase one of these or have Nanci create a custom skin for your helmet that "sparkles and shines."

Choose from a variety of designs and colors. Or have Nanci turn your own idea into a one-of-a-kind helmet cover, like the flowered Mohawk with hi viz reflectivity at left.

Click here to see additional designs.

Contact Nanci for helmet skin purchase or an estimate for your own unique design.