Hot Glue and Paint!
Two and Three Dimensional Works by Nanci Aeilts

Nanci's Paintings

Nanci works predominantly in acrylic. She is available for commissioned portraits, landscapes, animals, florals, scenery, floor and wall murals. To place an order or communicate with the artist, visit her Contact Us page.

While she minored in theatre in college, Nanci didn't actively put this education to use until years later. Read about this on her Scenery page.



FEATURED AT LEFT: A local doctor and his wife commissioned Nanci to paint their daughter and son in formal portrait style, They asked Nanci to include personal elements like their piano and the family pet. Entitled "Gina" this portrait measures 22" x 28" and was completed from multiple studio sittings and from photos taken on-site. A companion painting of her brother and the family dog was completed at the same time. See "David and Cinder" below.

To sample additional paintings and styles by Nanci Aeilts, click on the images displayed below.

David and Cinder Venice Dad and Mom
Kandinski Wall

Starry Night Neutrals

When laminate flooring wasn't available in colors to match the appliances in this kitchen, Nanci painted "Starry Night" to fit the space. Colors were slightly altered to match. This floor was featured in the local news, a regional art magazine and on a "wild floors" segment of Christopher Lowel's decorating show.

Picasso's "Three Musicians" was painted on an entry floor, over ceramic tiles. Almost 20 years later, the floor was painted over with a Van Gogh Starry Night style, in neutral colors.