Hot Glue and Paint!
Two and Three Dimensional Works by Nanci Aeilts

About the Artist

Nanci grew up in a small Midwestern town. Her only high school "art" class was taught by the Shop teacher (Industrial Arts Instructor). This new kind of class in that small town consisted of projects such as pouring Plaster of Paris into molds and painting the pieces, tooling leather belts, and constructing miniature cedar chests. The woodworking aspect of the class inspired a love and understanding of power tools. Nanci's stagecraft class in college was a very natural extension of that high school introduction to construction.

Nanci was blessed with a loving family who supported her need to be creative.  Her sculptures and paintings were always on display in their home. Her inspirational mom was truly gifted in her ability to sew almost anything Nanci could design. Nanci's unique wardrobe was often the topic of conversation in the neighborhood. Working in a clothing store during her college years, Nanci's boss asked her to refrain from wearing one of her 'original' dresses because customers kept asking where they could purchase one like it. At that store, creating window displays came along with the job of being a salesperson. Doing window displays in the mid-'70s made her feel a little like Rhoda on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Cool! But that was only the beginning of many years of creative work and play.

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Nanci is pictured, at right, with a display of the hats she created for the bridal scene in "Funny Girl" staged at the Bloomington Civic Theater.