Hot Glue and Paint!
Two and Three Dimensional Works by Nanci Aeilts

 Embellished Helmet Skins---$50 and up 

Don't be an accident waiting to happen because car and truck drivers didn't see you.  Wear these sparkle-and-shine helmet skins and get ready to be noticed !  Every design includes reflective tape for better night visibility.     

                           Flower Power                                                               SOLD                                                                 Love Child                 

                                   SOLD                                                                    SOLD                                                                       Flame

                  Woodstock (NFS)                                                       SOLD                                                                                 Z-Head

                                Pink Steel                                                             SOLD                                                                  No Longer Available

                        SOLD                                                                 No Longer Available                                                     Swirlie Girlie

AlSO AVAILABLE...  Unembellished skin bases.  Fabric only.  No added "dimensional" elements.  

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UNEMBELLISHED $35, EMBELLISHED $50 and up, for custom-made.

Skins can also be modified for ski, skate and bike helmets.  Custom embellished skin prices start at $90.

Contact Nanci for purchase, further pricing information or to create your own unique design.